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Frequently Asked Questions

We will post more FAQs as they arrive.  If you have a specific question, please write to us: info@snowfoot.eu



When will I receive my Snowfoot?


We are doing our utmost to ship Snowfoot to our Indiegogo supporters at the beginning of January . Consignment times are based on our actual manufacturing timeline.  Well will notify you in the event of a delay in production.


Where do you ship to?


We use major courier companies and we will ship to anywhere that they deliver.


Is shipping included?


Shipping is free within Italy for orders through Indiegogo.


Everywhere else, shipping is paid by the customer. (Purchasers are responsible for any VAT or customs duties levied by their own countries).


What are the estimated shipping costs outside of Italy?


Germany 16€
Netherlands 19€
Spain 18€
Belgium 17€
United Kingdom 21€
France 23€
Sweden 23€
Austria 21€
Norway 60€
Switzerland 60€
Japan 63€
United States & Canada 43€


Should I make a larger donation to cover the shipping costs?


No.  We will confirm the final shipping cost with you before shipping.  You may pay for the shipping through our website’s secure online payment system.


Is there a warranty for Snowfoot? 


Yes. Snowfoot comes with a one-year limited replacement warranty for manufacturing defects.  Breakage under extreme use may not qualify for a replacement warranty. We are not liable for damages incurred through improper use or tampering.


Do you accept foreign (non-euro) currency?


Yes. Your credit card provider will automatically convert the € price into your native currency when you make a donation.





Snowfoot works with all boot types.  Since boots with the same size can have different lengths, it is best to measure the exact length of the boots you intend to use.


As a general rule, Snowfoot will work with all ski and snowboard boots beyond size 35 european (5 US), and all lightweight winter boots and shoes beyond size 38 european (6 US men).


How do I determine if my boot fits with Snowfoot?


Measure the overall distance from the tip of the boot to the back of the heel.  If the boot sole length (BSL) is anywhere between 245mm and 365mm (9.5in and 14.5in) your boot will fit.


My foot is smaller than size 38!?


We recommend you measure your boot sole length.  It is probable that your boot length is long enough, even if your foot size is less than 38.


I have small feet.  How will this affect my Snowfoot experience?


A: Although there might seem like an excess of material behind your foot, the Snowfoot will have the exact same grip and traction for you as it would a larger person.  You will enjoy extra floatation in the deepest of snows.


My size 48 snowboard boot just barely fits on the deck.  How will this affect my Snowfoot experience?


A. No worries. In the course of prototyping Snowfoot, we realized that excess decking behind the heel was unnecessary.  Not having the extra material behind your foot will give you even greater precision and maneuverability.


Will my Snowfoot look exactly like the pictures?


To a large extent, yes.  The images in this presentation are accurate representations of Snowfoot, but not definitive.  There could be some slight differences in color tones and minor modifications of components during the final stages of production. We will keep you updated as we get closer to the release date.





Are protruding metal crampon points dangerous?


A: The width of Snowfoot’s deck is sufficient enough to keep the points away from your lower legs while walking.  In this regard, Snowfoot is easier and safer to use thantraditional crampons.


Are the crampon spikes removable?


A: No. Removable crampon parts would jeopardize Snowfoot’s strength and integrity.  The integrated crampon + deck structure is more than sufficient for most climbing/alpinism objectives.


Can I climb ice waterfalls with Snowfoot?


A: No.  Snowfoot is not a certified alpinism crampon. We recommend that you use specialized crampons for technical climbing pursuits.  Snowfoot is a dynamic walking tool optimized for total mobility on snow, ice and mixed terrain.  It is not a suitable substitute for ice-climbing crampons.


Do I need to learn a special walking technique to use Snowfoot?


A:  No.  Walking with Snowfoot is as easy as walking normally.  The width of the deck is optimized for floatation on soft snow, but is not so wide that it requires unnatural motions.


Why is there no heel riser?


A: Because Snowfoot doesn’t need one.  Skis and traditional snowshoes need a heel riser to maintain downward force across their long surfaces.  With Snowfoot, the fact that there is zero material in front and minimal material behind the foot means it easy to maintain grip on inclined surfaces.




How is Snowfoot different from a modern snowshoe?


‘Modern’ snowshoes are largely based on Native American designs used by the French in the 1700s.  These snowshoes are characterized by long decks, an upturned tip, and a free-heel binding that permits a sliding motion for long distance travel across flat, open terrain.  Snowfoot is the first snowshoe designed specifically for alpine terrain and is characterized by a short deck, protruding crampon points, and a fixed-heel binding that permits agile and precise stepping motions on every incline and every terrain.


I already use alpine touring skis, climbing skins and crampons; what could I possibly gain from Snowfoot?


Steeper approaches and energy savings in deep snow, not to mention first tracks on a powder day!

Snowfoot ‘Explorer’

Snowfoot White&Blue ‘Team’ Edition

Snowfoot Black&Gold ‘Limited’ Edition