5 Reasons You Need Snowfoot

Right off the top of my head…

You live the “Freedom of the Hills”

The first book on my shelf, and hopefully on yours.  Why not start there? Once you’ve got this in your heart and mind, you’ll find a use for Snowfoot about 8 months a year.

Snowboarding is your standard

Don’t compromise.  Please, the world needs people with actual standards like you.  Yours is a higher love and calling, the singular and the wave united in the purest and deepest of human connections… all-one.  Ride it like you mean it.  Don’t split your soul in two.  Get a Snowfoot, go wherever the hell you want to, and just surf…

Used By Experts

Professionals involved in various aspects of mountain life, sport, tourism, photography, administration, and security use Snowfoot as a tool to facilitate their needs ‘on the field’.  No other snowshoe comes close to matching Snowfoot’s revolutionary mobility potential across all grades and all terrains.  With its compact dimensions and reduced weight, it is easily portable and can be quickly adjusted to accomodate different sizes and styles of footwear.

You sleep late and all the immediate powder has been tracked out

Everybody skis the closest powder field first, then the second closest second, then the third closest third and so forth… You, my friend, have to hike to get your powder tracks.  It will give you time to think about why your friends tend to post much cooler and influential instagrams than you do and how much beer you actually drank last night.

It’s really well built and will save you a lot of money.

Alpinism-grade crampons made in same tradition as Italy’s most renowned alpinism houses.  Automotive-grade, highest performing plastics made with state-of-the art mould injection machines.  Snowfoot is a premium outdoor product built to stand years and years of use and abuse.  With Snowfoot, you’ll get more possibilities to go further in more terrain more days each year.  Over the course of its lifetime, you might even save big bucks because you don’t need to buy so many ski-lift tickets.

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